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3WE is a Top Secured and Trusted Online Casino Site Internationally especially in Asia like Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia in year 2022.

Is 3WE Online Casino is legal in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia?

Many online review site agreed that they have a secured and good payment options. They acquired necessary online casino license like Gaming Curaco and PAGCOR. They have good customer service that is available 24/7.

The 3WE Online Gambling Platform is partnered with several online casino game provider like Live22, 918Kiss, 918Kaya, Dreamtech, Playstar Slot, EZGo123, CITIBET, CMD368 and many more. All of the casino, slot, sports game provider is licensed and operates legally.

Who is the 3WE Online Casino Brand Ambassador

3WE officially announced Dirk Kuyt as their Regional Brand Ambassador for 2011/2022 while Diorlyna is their 3WE Asia's Brand Ambassador for year 2021-2022.

What Can You Expect from 3WE Singapore and Malaysia?

3WE team valued their customer with care and love. They have an excellent customer service among online casino in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. They make sure your queries, questions, problems encounter is being solved in less than 10 minutes.

3WE Casino is partnered with several legal and well-knowned online casino game provider like WBET, CMD368, Pragmatic Play, Dream Gaming, Asia Gaming, WM Casino and many more.

For deposit and withdrawal request, you can hit up the customer service anytime. As for the payment method, they accept most banks in Singapore and now accepting cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, Tether for international customers.

What region 3WE covers?

3WE covers in most region in Asia like Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand but now accepts international customers as they accept Cryptocurrency like Bitcoin and Tether.

In Singapore, 3WE is #1 trusted online casino site in year 2022. Through the years, they also excel in online casino world in Malaysia.

Online Sports Betting Agent in Singapore, Malaysia and Singapore

Most Asian countries like Singapore, Malaysia love to watched soccer or football match events that's the reason why online sports betting is keep on growing.

As they love soccer or football, they try to find a online sports betting agent that can be trusted. Good thing most online casino accepts bettings on any kind of sports.

How to Find a Trusted Online Sportsbook in Asia

As mentioned above, online casino includes betting in sports especially in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, and Vietnam but need to find one that really pays.

Know the online casino license - Need to look of their license either thru their website, license association or even online casino reviews.

Try to contact their customer service - Before handling your money to online casino site, you need to contact the customer service if they are quick to response or solve your queries.

What are the Games in 3WE Casino Platform?

When go to the website, you will see Sports, Casino, Slot, Fishing, Horse Race, 4D, Live Odds and more.

Sports stands for Online Sportsbook - which means you can bet on sports you want like Soccer/Football, Basketball and more. They collaborate with popular game provider in Asia like CMD368, WBET, TF gaming for e-Sports, and United Gaming.

Casino is for Online Live Casino - The games you can play are the live-dealer games. This mean you will interact with the Dealer of the Game on real time. Some live casino games available on this category is Baccarat, Rouelette, Blackjack, Poker, and many more. Their games is provided by several provider like King855, ALlbet, Dream Gaming, Xpro Gaming, WM Casino and many more.

Slots - Online Slots is one of the popular category in any online casino website whether in Asia or International. Since you can't expect nothing but simply luck and emotions. Some of their provider are SA Gaming, Pragmatic, Spade Gaming, Mega888, Betsoft and many more.

Fishing - There are online fish hunting games provider by Pragmatic Play, and Joker. They provide more than 100+ online fish games.

Horse Racing - Online Horse Race Betting is so popular similar to Online Sports Betting in Singapore, Malaysia and all over Asia.

Online 4D - It's an online lottery that only available in Singapore, Malaysia. They provide Online Toto 4D from several online lottery like Perdana, Damacai, Magnum, and many more.

Live Odds - No questions but online live odds help your betting on any sports, or horse race successful. They can help you to win big by knowing on how to read the live odds. They are 4 different types of live odds and you need to know how to read it. This will guide you on how much money you can possibly win or lose.

What are the Promotions and Bonuses available

I know you are tired in seeing a lot of pop-ups and advertisement that giving you bonuses or promo but in the end, you're still losing money or worst customer service doesn't reply. In 3WE promotions and bonuses, when you register and deposit on the platform then you are eligible to get up to 150% Welcome Bonus.

Their are lots of bonuses you can claim especially you are in higher VIP level. One promo that 3WE offers is the rebate, Birthday bonus and many more. Read the promotions and bonuses terms and conditions.

What's New in 3WE Casino Platform?

Challenge - Every now and then, the platform will publish a challenge. This way you can win more money every challenge

Rewards - In the platform, you will increase your account points for every transaction made. The accumulate points in your accounts can be claim as rewards like Netflix Subscription, iPhones, Mac, Samsung, Gadgets and even Credit.

3WE Ambassador


3WE is a trusted online gambling platform in Asia. We feel proud to say that we are among the top 10 most trusted online gambling platforms available today. We specialize in worldwide online live betting for sporting and gaming events, particularly unique world events, as well as many types of luxury online casino games, slot games, and others. We offer a non-technical platform for members to deposit & withdraw funds online in a less complex manner. In order for gamers to feel at ease when using our site— 3WE provides a safe and entertaining experience.


Our mission is to provide members with a stress-free atmosphere as they seek entertainment by providing a platform with the most complete gambling variety.

To accomplish the modern-day goals, we have removed the complication of traditional casinos and supplanted them with a more straightforward and streamlined process. So why should you join us? We are offering what you desire the most! Our Members will have faster access to their selected games without having to deal with complex transaction procedures.

Safe & Secure Gambling Site

A verified casino license is our major benefit for our online casino. We put security in place to keep our players' online money and personal data safe and confidential. We would never disclose, sell, or share any of your information with a third party. While guaranteeing our customers' convenience, we would never risk our clients' privacy.

Get the Best Value for Your Money with 3WE

We provide substantial rewards and bonuses to our gaming lovers to assist them in getting the most out of their money. Our users always get limitless access to the most recent and popular online casino games.

3WE staff members will have access to the most up-to-date information in order to innovate and bring an online casino to life. We are providing users with an immersive experience that feels nearly genuine. Join our real-time, real-life dealers in our Live Casino to see how it works for yourself.
We are an authorized betting agent in Asia. We guarantee 100% payout to our members!
3WE staff members will have access to the most up-to-date information in order to innovate and bring an online casino to life.
We promise for 100% payout to our members within 10 - 20mins